3 Stunning TV Wall Mounts That Can Transform The Look Of Your House

TV wall mounts are sophisticated pieces of technological marvel that can hold flat screen television sets on the wall in various angles for a better viewing angle. Some of the best benefits of having them installed at home are listed below.

  • When you install a TV wall mount, there’s a lot of free space that’s left behind on the floor. It makes the room look less cramped. Besides, you can use the previously consumed corners to keep book racks or decorative flower pots for better interiors
  • TV rooms can be big as well as small. So, you can choose a wall mount according to the dimensions of your house to get the best viewing angle
  • TV wall mounts aren’t just decorative pieces. They can also cure back pain and neck pain that most people suffer with due to wrong sitting postures
  • TV wall mounts keep television sets safe from children as well as pets

3 Types Of TV Wall Mounts That You Might Like

TV wall mounts come in different shapes and sizes with different viewing angles and dimensions. And the list below is a perfect mixture of different types of TV mounts perfect for small and big rooms.

  1. Tilting Curved & Flat Panel, Heavy-duty TV Wall Mount – You can buy this TV wall mounts at Primecables.ca at the best prices. Besides, it is the best TV mount to hold larger television sets between 37″ to 70″. It gets the strength to hold such big flat screen TV sets securely because it is made with durable steel. Lastly, the viewing angle of this TV mount is 10°
  2. Full Motion Articulating TV Wall Mount – As the name suggests, this is a flexible and movable TV wall mount that gives the freedom to rotate the TV sets left as well as right by 60° from the center. Besides, it has a -20°~+10° tilt angle and is made with heavy-duty metal that can hold up to 50 Kgs of flat screen TV’s anywhere between 37″ to 70″
  3. Full-motion Slim TV Mount – This TV wall mount can accommodate small to medium size flat screen TV sets between 25” to 55”. Besides, since it has a swivel that supports a full motion of 60° towards left and right from the center, there’s about 6.8 cm free space left between the mount and the wall. And this space makes dusting and cleaning the backside of the TV sets simple