Everything You Need to Know About SAP® Data Migration

If this is the first time you’re doing SAP data migration, you should know that the process can feel overwhelming and even challenging. With data migration, there is no partial success. A partial failure is a total failure. It can tax the resources of staff, money and time but if you go about it correctly, in the end you’ll have some valuable takeaways. The most important thing to know is that you don’ t have to attempt this business process alone. The smartest thing to do is enlist the services of a company that facilitates SAP data migration.

Organization is Key

Organization is integral to the success of your data migration. That starts with a map or a methodology that you can follow from start to finish. Your team should take as long as necessary and work on a first draft. The first draft should include a rough outline of the existing data organizational hierarchy as well as the planned chart of data organization after the migration. Once the rough draft is complete, an in-depth methodology can be built around that, which should include the details of file structures and content that will be included in the transfer.

Work with a Certified SAP Migration Team

First, you want to assemble a team that will oversee and implement the migration of your critical SAP data. The team should include not only your internal IT department, key business owners and a certified SAP migration team. Conversely, you will also need the help of a certified SAP team to complete the migration to ensure complete data quality. Having the right migration team is critical to a migration project’s success, ensuring the project is on-time, on-budget and completed without incident.

 Data Archiving

Now that you have your list of existing data, it’s time to take a discerning approach to purging data that’s superfluous. That’s not to say it has to be permanently lost. Instead, archiving your data that isn’t necessarily needed after the SAP data migration can help decrease the complexity for the overall migration. Store the archived data or hand it off to relevant clients for their own storage. This is better than “clogging” your new data home with extraneous data that may just slow things down over time.

SAP data migration is a serious undertaking that should be approached with the utmost care and sensitivity; Try to start the process of the data migration as soon as you can to avoid running up against organizational deadlines that could compromise cautionary measures. If all this seems too overwhelming to undertake alone, consult with an expert SAP migration team.

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